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Spudfiles Bet Central
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Bet Central

This Section is for placing bets with Spudbux from Spudfiles.  Orginal Discussion HERE.

Are you a SpudFiles member, have something you want to bet on, and determined to win?  Well the Spudfiles Bet Central gives you the buzz of betting without the hangover. 
To submit a bet go HERE
To oppose a "pending" bet or increase a pending bet go HERE.
To see results and pending bets go HERE. (The link to the left is no longer updated since the results are displayed at the bottom of the page)
Bet Subject: Betters: Amount: Date when Deterimined: Winner:
Patriots Vs. Broncos Beebs111(Patriots)
Drac (Broncos)
75 1-14-06 Drac Wins!
Colts Vs. Steelers Pimpmann22(Steelers)   50 1-15-06  Pending(Waiting for Opposing Bet) 
Canada Wins Gold SaladTosser(Canada)  MAX
When ever the Olympics are  Pending(Waiting for Opposing Bet) 

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